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Picture of TNC Tachometer by Fromeco

TNC Tachometer by Fromeco

The best Tach on the market - bar none!  Stand back several feet and safely take your reading of the 5 digit display.

High quality optical sensor locks on in various lighting condition from about 5 feet away. Available Store Direct - Worth the price.

Picture of Fromeco Lithium-Ion Batteries

Fromeco Lithium-Ion Batteries

  • Fromeco's have no memory problems like nicads. No cycling necessary like nicads!
  • Fromeco's are light - a 2600 mAh 6V pack weighs just 3.4 oz! Think of the weight savings.
  • Fromeco's deliver up to 8-10 amps of current during pulse demands.
  • Fromeco's DC chargers are smart chargers.
  • 1 Amp ESV, load testers and regulators available.
  • Some packs wired in parallel to provide built in battery redundancy.
  • Highest power density battery on the market.

3 Output Charger, 2600 mAh 2 cell, and 5200 mAh 4 cell available, specify Deans Plug or JR.

Picture of Fromeco Lithium-Ion Transmitter Batteries

Fromeco Lithium-Ion Transmitter Batteries

  • Fromeco's have no memory problems like nicads. No cycling necessary like nicads!
  • Fromeco's deliver up to 8-10 amps of current during pulse demands.
  • Highest power density battery on the market.

Picture of Fromeco Simple Charger

Fromeco Simple Charger

The Simple Charger is just that, Simple. Power in, charge leashes for each channel, plug your packs in, and Simple Charger does the rest.

Fromeco designed the charger to be "Simple" and plug and play and inexpensive. We also kept the Modular concept. However with the Simple Charger you are not limited to 5 channels. Simple Charger has NO issue with common Ground Plane like many chargers on the market. Simple Charger is also very small, taking up little room in flight boxes, or your pocket if you wish.

Picture of Badger switch

Badger switch

The Badger Switch is a Solid State switch designed for powering flight control systems in small and giant scale aircraft.  

Badger's come in 2 different colors, Silver Aluminum, and Blue anodized Aluminum.  Badger's can also have several different types of wiring installed, although the Deans in and Deans out, and the Futaba in and JR out are the most sold versions.

The Badger utilizes a Solid State design which is also often called a "Soft Switch" and is also associated with the moniker "Fail Safe". Fromeco generally does not approve of the saying "Fail Safe", because there are instances where a "Fail Safe", type unit can fail.   Badger Switches do use a very small amount of power when the off position, 80 microamps which is a minuscule amount of power.

The Badger line of switches also incorporates a blue Power on LED, this allows pilots to see if they have left a switch in the "ON" position when placed in a darker area, such as a garage with lights off, or in the back of a Vehicle when night fall has arrived.   The Feature is import to help pilots who inadvertently leave their switches "ON" catch the problem to save their Lithium Ion or Lithium Phosphate battery packs from being over discharged.


Picture of Wolverine Switch

Wolverine Switch

The Fromeco Wolverine Switch will change the way you approach your aircraft setup. The Wolverine is: 2 solid-state 'fail-safe' style Switches, 2 Battery Check Jacks, and advanced battery redundancy (sharing) circuitry... all incorporated into one convenient package.

Measuring just 63 mm or 2.5" from mounting hole to mounting hole, the Wolverine is only three-fourths the length of two JR-style mechanical switches placed end-to-end.  At .6 oz or 17 grams it is also considerably lighter as well.

The Wolverine has 2 battery inputs, and can be used with any battery type with a voltage up to 10VDC.  Each Battery input feeds its own "FailSafe" type switch circuit, the same kind used for Fromeco's Badger Switch.  Each Switch circuit is rated at 15 amps, and is completely independent of the other.  Power then flows to Fromeco's power sharing circuits, which are also completely redundant.  You can custom-configure your Wolverine with up to 3 outputs.

The Wolverine was developed to alleviate the problem of unbalanced regulators creating an unequal draw upon the batteries.  Fromeco felt that a single-circuit-board-twin-switch solution with built-in sharing is an elegant solution... rather than having to plug in more stuff between the battery and regulator.
Regulators still must be reasonably balanced in systems using twin regulators.  This is to make sure one of them is not working a great deal harder than the other.

Picture of Sahara Regulator

Sahara Regulator

The Sahara Regulator by Fromeco is one of the highest rated linear regulators in the RC market. Specifically designed to operate at High Delta V, pass high currents, and dissipate more heat than any of our competitors. The Sahara is capable of 9 amps of continuous current. The new Sahara is as light as the old retired "the Regulator" that used to be offered by Fromeco. Weighing in at 1.4 oz's with 9"Deans and 2 JR out puts, and about 1.1 oz with the "standard" JR in and out.  The new increased current capacity that the Sahara can handle makes it an excellent choice for the new power hungry servos in today’s market.  Fromeco Regulators are FULLY ADJUSTABLE; voltage is adjustable from 5.4V DC to 6.4V DC voltages may vary -+ .05 volts on upper and lower end.

Picture of DCUP Mark II


New Expanded voltage, now rated up to 8.4 volts.

New Radial LED read out with lowest voltage attained hold.

Flat front mount for mounting in cockpit floor, or dash as instrument.


Picture of 8 Ball

8 Ball

The Fromeco Load Checker is a button less 1.0 amp load checker. Fromeco has designed their Load checker to be about as simple as they come. Plug in your battery and wait for readings.

Picture of Quad Current Meter

Quad Current Meter

Listening for servo buzzing, using a volt meter to measure each servo, feeling linkages for binding is not the proper way to setup servos. The most used method by far is the use of a Digital Volt Meter set and configured to measure amperage. Jumping from servo to servo and then back again as you make smaller and smaller adjustments works but can be made easier by using the QCM. With a single unit you can now plug in all 2, 3, or even 4 servos and measure their individual current on the same screen.

Please call for price quotes.